Why would he block me after 5 years?

He was my first boyfriend , we had a intense relationship and it was very serious at the time. We broke it off 5 years ago and just been in touch just to say happy birthday and that's it, Now it seems he's blocked me from everywhere, from facebook to linkdn. He didn't block me right after the break up, so what gives after 5 years? I'm not dating or have a boyfriend right now so it's not like I have pictures that makes him sad/jealous


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  • Well, it could be that he is happy in his life right now, it's possible that he has found a woman to be happy with recently so he has blocked you because he completely wants you out of the picture, like he doesn't want even your memories or anything associated with you anymore, maybe he has realized that he should block you now after 5 years.

  • I see at least 3 different scenarios: 1) He found a girlfriend and she has complete control over him. 2) He found a girlfriend, but he's the paranoid who wants to block you just to avoid trouble in the future. 3) He felt he needed to erase you from his life in order to move on.
    In all three cases, it's way easier to block someone, because if you just remove them from your 'friends' list, they may message you asking what's going on.


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