Why do some exes go out of their way to treat you wrong and like you are the bad guy?

My ex and I have been apart for quite some time. We tried to reconcile back in Aug. of last year and it did not work, and in Jan. of this yr. he broke things off. I was the one who wanted our relationship to work really badly and he did not. What made him finally break things off is when I refused to move back in with him until I saw change.

Since then in Jun 2015 he has gotten married, We do, however, have to see each other on a weekly basis to exchange our son. He always looks at me with hate and disgust even though I initially wanted him back, but I just came to the conclusion it was not meant to be.

This Sun. was his time to bring our son back to me. We would normally meet halfway, however a few minutes before our meeting time, his mom texting me saying he lost his keys and could not come over and if I'd drive over there. Since I wanted to see my son, I happily did it w/o a problem. When I pulled up he looked at me with hate and didn't even acknowledge my existence although I really did him a favor so to speak. I don't say anything to him bc it will do NO good. Sadly, his mom has to be the go by the way. when it comes to communication bc he refuses. Why does he look at me with hate and disdain? I am certain no one here knows why, but I cannot understand why he does this when I was the one who wanted the relationship initiall.


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  • Maybe ask him? I know you think that it will "do no good if you talk to him", but neither is staying quiet. It's not an extremely big deal, but if your son continues to see and acknowledge this, he will wonder, in the future, why he gives you terrible looks.


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