How to get over a bad breakup?

I was with a girl for almost 2 years, when i found out she was cheating on me. We broke up shortly afterwards, because I couldnt stand being around her because it would bring back the memory and i would feel the betrayal all over again. I still can't get over the breakup and the fact that she cheated on me. Any help and/or advice?


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  • Aww i am sorry 😵 to hear that

    A betrayal is so painful to go through. You were together a long time , so the pain may be raw for a while. This is a cliche , but... there is no remedy or cure for a broken heart, only time can heal the pain. Although, time may not always heal the hurt , but it does help you to learn to live with pain

    When someone you trust betrays you , they obviously don't know the value of loyalty. Therefore, they'll never appreciate the cost of betrayal. Cry if you need to cry , but don't lose yourself to someone who doesn't care about losing you.

    The best thing to do is keep your mind occupied on things other than her. Keep busy and see your friends. Gradually you'll find you'll think about her less and less.

    Don't keep playing what she did to you over and over in your mind, because it prevents you from moving on from her. Most of the pain you are dealing with is caused by your own thoughts, so change the quality of your thoughts. Try to focus on anything but her and what she did. 😊

    Just be thankful you are not still with the person you almost settled for. The way she treated you is a statement about who she is as a person, and in the long- term she would totally destroy you emotionally.

    Just make sure you don't allow her betrayal to prevent you from trusting someone else. If you do, then you'd be punishing your future for your exes behaviour. I wish you the best! 💜😊


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  • ok this is your advice your 13 you have the rest of your life ahead of you just forget about it focus on school for a couple months and start fresh when your ready. And how does a girl cheat on you when you never had sex with her?

    • There are two main types of cheating. Physical and emotional. You dont have to have sex with someone for it to be cheating.

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