I broke up with my boyfriend, I'm really unsure what to do now?

My boyfriend and I were together for 7 months. We started off as really good friends and he's an amazing guy but we never really had much chemistry between us. Like he seemed like the perfect boyfriend; he really cares about me, always put my feelings first and did what he could to make me feel special. However, he never 'took charge' and we only ever briefly kissed. Throughout the whole relationship, I felt like we were only ever friends. In the end, I broke up with him two days ago because of the lack of chemistry between us and I just felt like our relationship was never going to progress (by the way this break up was definitely not an impulsive decision - I've been thinking about it for weeks, as our relationship has not made me very happy lately). It was just pretty frustrating I guess! I feel like I've made the right choice for me... but he is still interested in giving our relationship another go after we've finished school (we have a few months to go). So should I stay friends with him? Or even seriously reconsider being in a relationship with him? I'm just really not sure! Any kind advice would be appreciated! Please no judgement for me breaking up with a great guy- it just wasn't working but I still care about him a lot as a friend.


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  • It wasn't working out because NEITHER of you "took charge."

    You know that's not very respectful to men right? To make sex a male responsibility? It's actually offensive.

    This guy is just as nervous as you are, probably more actually. You can initiate sex as well. It's not his "fault" sex didn't happen and he's not less of a man for not "taking charge" which is a term i really don't think is healthy to use for sex and relationships.

    • Sorry I should've clarified that it was me who asked him out in the first place and it was me who initiated our first kiss. I completely agree with you - taking charge goes both ways. I've done my best to take charge when I can, despite being nervous this being my first relationship also! I just wished he had've also shown some initiative and also tried to overcome his nerves :/

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    • Yeah we talked about it a bit and acknowledged that we weren't ready for sex. But even after talking our physical relationship didn't progress at all - we didn't even hold hands or show much affection in private or in public. But honestly, I think the main issue is the lack of physical attraction that I felt for him :( (he's good looking but I just felt like there was no chemistry between us)

    • Well that's definitely something. There's a good chance he wasn't feeling it either, and he's only wanting a relationship because he thinks that's what he wants. If you really show him you like him and you're his friend i bet he'll still want a closer friendship without any gf/bf stuff.

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  • Keep him as a friend. Trust me. You'll regret it if you dont.

  • just stay friends.

  • Enjoy your freedom w/o objections and attitude!
    Ever want to join dance classes? Now's the time and it will take your mind off "lack" and supply plenty of social options later.


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