Why is he still contacting me?

My ex and I split 3/1/14. I cut off entire contact after he dumped me because I've been through this once before and knew what I had to do. He moved in 3 days after our breakup with a coworker he had started a relationship with and her two kids. They now have a six month old daughter and are engaged. Since our breakup he has contacted me on all holidays, mothers day, and my birthday basically wishing me a happy Thanksgiving merry Christmas etc. That he misses me and wants me back. I always tell him to take a hike he is with someone else. 4 weeks ago he contacted me saying his girlfriend was cheating, doing drugs, leaving me was the worst mistake he has ever done. He wanted to see me and work things out. He said he had broken it off with his girlfriend and she had moved out leaving thier daughter behind wanting nothing to do with her. That he wanted another chance, wanted my daughter and I to move in once I felt ready, and wanted to marry me. I didn't really trust him and when red flags started popping up I was cautious. Long story short I figured out he had set his relationship status to private and was still with her. I managed to contact her sister and found out they are engaged. I told him I knew and to get lost. Why is he perusing me when he is engaged? He shouldn't need a backup plan if he has a ring on her finger so I don't understand? And if it's because he really did think he made a mistake he would leave her. I just don't get it! I never initiate contact. It's always him.


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  • I think that he is emotionally/sexually attached to you, he may still love you and still lust over you. What's best to do is to do just as you're doing, remain distant from him. He wants both his wife and you at once but as you know, that's not logical.

  • He wants to have his cake and eat it too. Change your phone number, and, if need be, get a restraining order. First, record one of his phone calls where he is telling you all this stuff and send it to his "fiance." IS your daughter his? If so, is he paying support? This guy is a total shit. He was with you, then moves in with this other women 3 days after breaking up? He had been seeing her all along. What is with these guys? IF this happened to my daughter, this guy would be missing.

    • No my daughter isn't his. Actually the fiancĂ© and her sister think I'm making this up and they believe him. I've thought of the restraining order idea. He had me way up on a pedestal never disrespected me always so loving and kinda clingy to a point but very sweet and tried showering with me gifts (I wouldn't let him always). I assumed he had started something with her before ending it with me.

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