Should you start at square one with an ex like introducing yourself like you never met?

I am trying to get back together with him. Would this be a good way?


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  • Yes you should!


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  • No. No. And No.
    As girls, we tend to go back in time cause all we allow ourselves to remember are the good times.
    It's never a good Idea to get back with an ex. There is a reason they are an Ex in the first place, no?
    So don't damage your self esteem. You can find any guy. Any other guy. Even better most probably. guys are simple--You can get them, whenever you want them.
    You should always leave an Ex in the past, regardless. Nothing good ever comes out of it.
    Never get back with an Ex unless they've really really proved to be brand new humans from the ones you broke up with.
    * (But remember--people rarely change) *

    • People get back together with ex's all the time