I'm jealous at my ex boyfriend?

He is a bit mentally behind from me. We are same age but he got stuck at 19. He dropped school and spent like 5 years doing nothing, just playing video games all day and not sociolazing. He had some issues. That's how we met, through video games, it was a LDR. I advised him to get a job or get back to school but he didn't want to. He was very immature and was living a very unhealthy life. But I still loved him and stayed with him for 3 years. Then he decided to go back to school and fix his life. But by that he also decided to dump me. He basically said that he was living in an imaginary world and wants to have a real life. It was schoking hearing that he thought of me as an imaginary girlfriend and wanted to delete me as well. I was anything but imaginary! We were visiting each other often, we met each others family, we went on vacations... How is that imaginary? Yes, his life was a mess, but was it really neccessery to dump me in order to fix his life? Now he is back at school, starting to live that real life he wanted. He met new people and is going out regulary. I think he even has a girlfriend. I heard he's happy now and would never go back to his old life. He stopped playing video games and became more responsible. The thing is that I already went through collage life and growing up. It was the best time of my life. Partying, boyfriends, viva la vida loca! But I grew from that shit. I got introduced to a hard life after collage, just trying to find a job and to survive basically. There are bills to pay, work to do, and in the end the day I don't go partying and drinking anymore, I relax. He is now where I was 5 years ago and I know how he feels and what he thinks. He got lucky that he started collage right after the breakup, he had something to look forward to get his mind off. While my life stayed exactly the same after the breakup. I guess I'm jealous that he gets all the perks of a single dumper life.
I wish my life changed drasticly as well, then I could see a reason why it was good to breakup. I feel so old.


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  • I can understand this and his life has changed from the way it was before. It's good he realized things and now he is more responsible.

    • Yeah he is now everything I wanted him to be and everything I believed he can achieve, I always supported him. I feel like a raised a kid. And now kid doesn't need me anymore. I am glad that he is getting his life in order, but that is not benefiting me anymore. It would if we stayed together, but I have nothing to do with his life anymore. I didn't learned anything new and I just feel like I wasted 3 years of my life. He is overall a great guy and he has a big potential of becoming a great, committed boyfriend/husband one day. It just sucks that it's gonna be for someone else.

    • I can understand, it's sad. I don't know even though he doesn't need you anymore, but I am sure he still remembers you and I think he will always.

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