He says he needs space but is there more going on?

My boyfriend says he needs space! He says he's stresed about work and about money and doesn't know what he wants. Im ok with giving him that space but something tells me there's another girl involved.. When I hang out with him he leaves his phone at home. He also told me he's finding out if he can be true to me and he needs to find out who he really is before he can be with me cause he's thinking I deserve better. I told him I was going to leave him and he didn't seem to care if I left but when I ask him if he wanted me to leave he said no. He told me he doesn't want to drag me through figuring out what he wants. Im so confused! I know there's a lot going on in his life with work and family but I feel there's another girl he met.. I don't know what do you think?


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  • I suspect there is more going on. He may be feeling some attraction to someone else. He should know that he has cast the seeds of doubt.


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