Best way to heal yourself after a rough break up?


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  • Avoid the person you broke up with for a while - do your own thing, do what makes you feel happy, go out, stay in touch with friends, have fun and try thinking about that person less and less.

    • What if she broke up with you and you live together

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    • Let's put it this way I watch her dogs when she travels for work thankfully this whole month she is pretty much gone otherwise when we are home she locks herself in her room and wants nothing to do with me so I just go in mine

    • Fair enough. =)

      Thank you for the MHO!

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  • You need to find a way to get her out of your life so that you don't see her anymore. Then find hobbies and do things that you enjoyed before you met her and you will eventually, over time, forget about her

  • Chocolate, Bridget Jones, bottles of wine and excessive masturbation?


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