How do you get over the nostalgia of being somewhere that you went with your ex?

I have recently moved somewhere I used to live with my ex. It's really weird being here without him. Any advice on how to survive this?


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  • Feeling nostalgia for a place because of what we felt there with the people we felt with is completely natural. It represents the truth, that you are human and that you had feelings for a person in that place. But the world is really a big place, but in many regards to feelings, it can be the smallest place in the universe. You can't escape your feelings, but you can help control them, even if you're in a place that brings back feelings that can make you feel worse about being there. I had a girlfriend for 4 years, that's a lot of places where we shared a lot of feelings. From Disneyland to Japan, there are almost countless places that I can travel and revisit those feelings that use to be happy but just turn to ash in my heart. Just know that you are trying to move forward and that if you are feeling those feelings, it's easy to remind yourself that you did spend time with that person and it isn't something that should be so bad. After you break up with someone, be happy from what you've learned and the better person you've grown into from your experiences being with that person, good and bad feelings and lessons. It's something that you'll need to work on and one day, you'll revisit those places with someone who is truly special who deserves to be there with you. And those memories will fade from the person you once loved to the person you now share feelings for.


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  • Oh... thats hard.. especially if you really liked him. No I dont have any XD I stay faaaaaaar away from places like this.

    • I was working here last summer, and now I've moved for grad school. Only place I was accepted. It would have been stupid for me not to go, you know?

    • Yup. Wish you best of luck. I guess just accept it as "thats how life goes sometimes"

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