We've broken up, but we kept on talking. Should I ask for a no contact rule and How?

My boyfriend and I broke up last week (LDR being too difficult), but because we wanted to spend time together summer vacation ends, we saw each other again after that, and kept on texting, less frequently than before, but still several times a day, and enough to wish each other good night.
But I feel like we're preventing each other to move on, by keeping our habits and knowing to much of the other one's life. Should I talk about it with him, and ask for a no contact rule for a while? Or should I delay my texts like it should happen naturally? Should I stop texting after moving away in three days (not my favorite)?

Thanks a lot !


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  • Maybe just say it's holding YOU back from moving on... I don't think it's strange or unnatural that you still wish each other well, but there's a point where things need to end.

    • Right it is holding me back, I don't know how he feels about it. Thanks :)

    • You're welcome.. And hope it all goes well :)

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  • You don't ask permission for no contact from an ex, you implement no contact yourself (if that's what you want).
    If your breakup wasn't acrimonious then it would probably be polite to give him an advance warning, rather than just stopping answering his texts.
    However, if you want to go NC that's your choice, not his to veto.
    I suggest checking out NML's blog on this. www.baggagereclaim.co.uk/.../

    • Yeah it went almost smoothly, that's why we're still talking but I times it weird to me. We agreed on staying friends and not becoming strangers to each other, but I feel like it's too soon, too continuous, and that I need our first relationship to really end to be able to start a second one.
      Thank you for the advices and link !! :)

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  • I think we all know who's really behind this


  • I was also in an LDR and we broke up. I txted her after couple of weeks and we talked for a couple weeks after that. Then she told me it's not right and we wished each other well. The end :(

    • So sad :( She probably needed it, and in the same time, she forced you to move on, which is not a bad thing I guess. I wish I was courageous enough to do the same for our own good, but I've been like "another text won't kill I guess" and so on for a while...

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  • Tell him you need space and time away from him. And then delete every bring related to him and allow your heart to heal


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