Should I say something to guy who left me and blocked me?

i didn't know what i did to him, and he moved away and out of nowhere he told me he was seeing someone else. he also blocked me out of nowhere. I should let it go, but when I see others couples I think of him, cuz it was like we couldn't take our hands off each other wherever we were.


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  • You'd be doing yourself a TON of good in the long run by letting him go, although it might hurt you now.

    • it's hard to see other couples

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    • Yeah, don't! It's HIM who owes you an explanation for his actions. If you say something to him now, he'll KNOW how much you need him. This shouldn't really happen. He needs to feel that you're doing well, with or without him.

    • I am doing well. But he was so weird, i said to him why he can't say he doesn't want to do anything with me and he said it0s not like that. and he was like we can be friends and then he was saying but i don't see us talking, and i asked him so what are u saying u are too vague and he said it's complicated. I even apologized for making an scene, he aceepeted and after a couple of days I texted him and he blocked me

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  • You really need to put this behind you..
    He is a roadblock and stopping you from moving forward with your life

    • it was the best expierence I had so far. we only dated a month but we went on many dates and we were always layghing I was always afraid it was going to end this way. because I always thought we could be great friends until he kissed me and I felt the attraction we had.

    • Well keep the positives from the whole experience and move on.
      We all have one of those in our dating history, the key is...
      You either keep positive and move on.
      Or you become that person that just won't leave it alone,
      Please for yourself, don't be that person

    • i just want to erase him from my mind

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