Why would she drive by my house?

Ok so my ex girlfriend has been out of town since Monday and she barely got back Saturday. At 11 i got a alarm that stated that she was close by, I'm sitting outside and when i look up i see her car slow down and drive by. I called her and texted her because i know 100 percent that it was her. She was more than likely with her boyfriend but she didn't respond. We have been arguing the past few days so y would she drive by this late at night? It isn't 2 see the kids. Just the other day she was telling me fuck u, ur a piece of shit, ur a bitch, i hate u, all this other non sense but yet she's driving by. What makes me more curious is that she never contacts me or comes over for the kids on the weekends and when her boyfriend isn't at work so y would they even do that tonight that was just plain fucking ridiculous. I just don't see y because she's not from here and doesn't know many people here and my house is not even close 2 the area of anything she needs so this wasn't by mistake she meant 2 drive by so I don't know it'd there was a motive 2 gone something or what. I'm just dumbfounded


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  • You might want to invest in a gun for home protection. If they were creeping around your house that's a red flag and a half...

    • That's what I'm thinking because y would they leave their apartment just 2 drive by here then go back. If he wanted 2 fight i was sitting by the curb so what was the point in wasting time

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