Why do I still have feelings for him?

Well, it has been 2 or 3 weeks since school started and I stI'll have feelings for my ex. I "tried" avoiding him, but I can't. Each time I "try" to aviod him it's makes me want to see him more. I just can't stop thinking about him at all. I try thinking about someone else, but he keeps on popping back into my head. After the football game (he plays football) I saw him hug/kiss another girl who is so much prettier than me and much skinner than me. That's when I I was about to run and burst into tears.
My heart is still shatter into pieces for that. I just could know to get over him. I've been "trying" to get over him for the passed 4 months. He was my first boyfriend and would I had my first kiss from and all of that is gone and I feel stupid. Just thinks of guy like me a fat, ugly, unpopular girl who thinks fairy tales are real.😔


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  • Don't be so hard on yourself. Getting over exes is very hard and tough. I think a part of them always remain with us no matter how hard we try to get and move on. It also sucks that you run into him and see him so much. I think you have to love yourself and feel good about yourself. Don't let life stop. Go out and di fun stuff and enjoy life. Keep busy on a hobby or something fun. Also you can date other guys It's not the end of the world.


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  • It's so very hard when you Breakup with someone and have to run into them all of the time thence after the fact. You can't lick your war wounds because every time you try, you are shot down by this guy.
    ry and Avoid him as Best as you can here, dear. If you know he is going to be in a certain spot, either look away or just do not go there so you do not Have to see who is Kissing, no matter Who it might be.
    Looks are only skin deep, my beauty. Your amazing personality got you somewhere with this jock. And knowing that he is going for this skinny minny, he may find out She 'Ain't All that in Personality Plus Size.
    For now, be Strong, focus on you, and in the meantime, if you feel you might want to lose a few pound and Begin a Beguine of 'Showing him I can be all I am,' This will keep you busy, take your mind off of him a bit and Give you incentive and motivation to Perhaps... Surprise his eyes with a little this and that now and maybe Other guys as well.
    Good luck. xx


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