How do I get over someone I was falling for?

It's been a month since we broke up, everyone says I don't act like I used to when him and I were dating. I don't smile as much, and I barely laugh at anyone's jokes. I really don't know why he broke up with me, it was tons of reasons why. I was to shy and not as open as him, he felt like he we were just moving toward a friends with benefits kind of thing, he wasn't ready for relationship just yet (his last relationship ended bad.)

it breaks my heart that he broke up with me, we are still friends and we text everyday still but not as much as we used to. I feel like I can't talk to him like I used to before we started dating. I don't think he really realized how much I liked him, but he never even told me he liked me.

My friends say I should tell him how I feel, but I just want to forget about what we had.
I have a little bit of a trust issue that's why I didn't open up to him, just because of past problems with friends and past relationships. I never told him that.


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  • Well, I can understand that, I think you just need to give yourself some time, try to distracted yourself , go on a vacation may be.


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