Does he regret letting me go or is he just trying to keep me hanging?

I dated a guy for about 9 months and then all of a sudden he broke things off stating that "he was not looking for anything serious right now" etc. We have since remained friends, on my part it was mostly an effort to avoid drama. We live in a small city where we are practictly neighboors, take the same classes at the same school and we share the same group of friends... Things were a bit weird and "off" to begin with, but got better as time passed. We did not really hang out or talk a lot, but we were "cool" However after I left for the summer, he started contacting me more often, asking what I was up to, how things were going and so on. I just replied in a kind matter, but I never initiated any of our conversations. Since I have moved back after the summer, he has been very "on" and we have been hanging out a lot. We have also had a lot of sex since I moved back, and we have agreed that it is only a casual thing. However, at the same time we have also had very deep, intense and private conversations and moments. And he has really opened up to me about different issues, and he has been telling me that I am the only girl he feels totally relaxed and comfortable with and around, and he barely got into some stuff about him being terrified of commitment. He found out that I had previously been seing another guy, and he got very angry and upset about that, while at the same time acknowledging that he has no right to. I have been worried that if things continue, I´ll start getting feeling for him again and that it will leave me broken hearted once more. I am looking for something serious, and all though I want him to be that person... something tells me that he is not. I told him that I am looking for something serious and that we probably should end our little "fling" or whatver it can be called. He got weird when I told him... really distant and quiet, and now we haven´t really been speaking since. What should I make of this? Does he want me or am a just a fallback?
I got him back! Now I just have to figure out if I want him


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  • No, it don't think he regrets it. Remember that when you guys had sex you agreed that it was just a casual thing. As for him, he had no right to be mad at you for seeing another guy. He was the one who wanted to keep things in a casual way, not you.
    It seems like he wanted you to think about him in an exclusive way, while he was not willing to do the same for you.
    Anyway, I don't think he is serious about you.
    You should find someone else who appreciates you more.


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  • It could be both, to be honest, it's difficult to know what goes on in anyone else's mind. It sort of makes me lean towards the fact that, proximity is attractive, and in a small town, you are close and someone he knows... It's possible he's over his commitment issues and wants to be with you, or he likes talking and having sex with you as it's easy and so on. I think your choices are either trust your instincts or risk it one more time with him for love and if it doesn't work out, at least you know you tried. Best of luck to you!


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  • TL;DR but the best thing to do is to just move into. If he wants you he'll come after you.

    • sorry if i'm being rude... but if it's "TLDR" then just skip this question without respondin and deal wid other questions wid shorter descriptions if u find long ones "TLDR"...

      i just don't understand y some users r doin this...

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