I want to know what happened!

My ex broke up with me and basically cut me off. He never explained to me why he doesn't love me anymore and I never got a chance to ask questions or say how I felt. I never got any closure! Now I am trying my hardest not to contact him because I don't think he wants to speak with me. How do I get closure? After a certain amount of time, would it be OK to contact him?


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  • You are assuming that you did some thing wrong or there is some reason (outside your ex's control) which caused hm to break up. Normally, if that is the thing, you would have got some indication. It would have caused some problems, friction etc.

    What if he just broke it off because he never loved you, but pretended to so that he can have you? What if, now he suddenly does not need you and just decided to move on without any feeling? Don't you want to ascertain that this is not the case?

    So, you should be angry and asking him to explain himself. If he is a decent human being then he would explain.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sometimes you just can't get closure from your ex. The only thing you can do is accept what happened and start living your life. Closure doesn't always help you to feel better. Get out with your friends, join a gym or take dance lessons. It will help you feel more confident and get you ready to enter the dating world again if you haven't already.

    If you really need to know what happened, you should take time to reflect on who you are and don't ever blame yourself. Keep a journal and write it out. You know the answer it's just a matter of finding it in yourself, you don't need him to tell you. There is a person out there for everyone and this is just not the one you were meant to be with.


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