My ex came back and apologized for everything?

my ex has BPD which is a disorder that strains relationships with people and can make people go up and down with their emotions.

he treated me badly due to his symptoms and I had depression and anxiety combined. he was a jerk to me and would start yelling and have such bad temper tantrums that i would cry.

he didn't talk to me for 3 months after we broke up because everyone was telling him to stay away from me because i attempted suicide soon after and i shouldn't see him. i hated his guts and it helped me get over it all and i got the therapy i needed and im better than ever. the day before he moved away he wrote me this apology. i told him never to talk to me again and he apologized and said if hating him made me better than thats okay and that he just wanted me to know he was so sorry and that he hopes im better and he knows that he mistreated me and just wishes me well

he didn't say anything after the apology and he moved away and we haven't talked since, and writing such a summary doesn't express how meaningful his apology really was and i just feel so blown out and sad again because i spent so much time hating this guy who was really just struggling like i was. im moving to where he is next year and so im visiting a lot and im just upset about everything that happened.

I dont really know what im asking but thank you for reading and if you have any help for forgiving and moving on please let me know


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  • Accept it, be sad and then move on :)


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