Does he hate me? why did he cut me off?

Hi... Me and my ex just broke up last week. I left the US because my working visa was getting expired and I wasn't able to get another one. We had agreement that we will break up when I leave, but he regreted for that and say we should just see how it goes.
Last week he told me he met a girl and like her. So I started arguing with him. We had broke up for serval times and got back together... When we were arguing he said he loves me but not in love with me and saying that I was not listening to him. I got furious and fought back... Finally I said very mean things to him and cursed him that he will never have anyone who loves him (i know it's pretty mean and feel sorry for that now). And after couple hours I was still mad so I sent him a picture with the f word. He was in sleep at that time. Then after he woke up and saw the picture, he unfriended me on Facebook.
I guess he cut me off is because I was being a pain in the ass and being so mean to him... I understand that and I know there's no chance for me and him. I'm still suffering from the break up but decide to move on. However I do still care about him no matter he hates me or not. Yesterday I had a bad dream about him dying I was really scared. He does get depressed a lot and told me multiple times that he wants to commit to a suicide. So I wrote him a email with only one sentence just hope he is alright, but he didn't get back to me. However now I found from another way he is alive which is good. But I just want to ask... Does he hate me? Is that why he cuts me off?


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  • Unfortunately, you've made the pain continues on and one by allow him to play with your feelings and have made his feelings more important than your feelings
    because u thought u he love u but not anymore
    you 'll not be able to take any decision if you don't forget about him and the past
    don't worry about he hat you or not, at the end its same thing for now

    the door in front of you to start new life, fresh dreams
    go out from your darkness, believe me there are a lot of beautiful things in this life you don't know about it

    In the end its your decision to live a happy life or not
    Good luck


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