Guys, is he talking about a new girl?

My ex was looking at a picture with a friend. Trying to hide it from me. Friend said: is that a late 80s early 90s. Ex: late 80s. If I'm being nuts just say so. It's just I'm in my 20s and I feel sick to my stomach and want to throw up every time I seebhim talking about a girl. I don't want to eat. My body and face is on fire burning hot when all this happens. Just give me some advice.


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  • I do not have enough information to determine that. Can you tell us more about how he is conducting himself and why you are suspicious?

    Also, you referred to him as your EX, what exactly is your relationship now and why are you concerned if he's talking about girl? Also by "talking about a girl", what do you mean? Do you really mean that him mentioning any female in anyway makes you sick? I am assuming "no", please correct me if that is not the case.

    That said, I'd first look into getting control over that physical response. You can avoid getting that worked up over it, I assure you. The initial automatic response passes through the body much more quickly than you'd think. Many techniques for staying calm and releasing that feeling without letting it build up exist. Meditation, breathing exercises, etc.

    After that, have a less emotional look at why you care. Are you going to do something about it? If so, do it. If not, accept that you aren't.

    • Thanks for the advice. Yeah it just sucks cause my ex is a coworker. I know I need to stop complaining about it. I just see him playing his games with new women. I don't know I'm probably just being a crazy women, an just need to get control of the emotions that this causes. When I see him flirting with a coworker I just know he is up to his junk. It actually makes me want to throw up like physically ill, sick to my stomach. All damn day long I have been sick. I just think he took advantage of the situation in a way. A job I used to like I now hate some days. He my boss so it sucks.

    • The more I have thought about this the nutter sound. Sorry guys. I realized there is nothing I can do to change anything; feelings, etc. I just have never had a relationship that makes me physically ill and burning up all over feelings. I'm not angry just hurt I guess. The physically ill throw up feeling is just really frustrating. I know I will get over this it just sucks.

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