Is it bad that I contacted my ex boyfriend?

He broke up with me 6 months ago because whatever reasons. We together for 3 years. We stayed in contact a little bit after the breakup (like closure and stuff like that, I wasn't ready to take it as is dead), but then he stopped initiating contact and I figured that was it. I was ready to let go so deleted him from all social media. He didn't try to add me back but to be honest he is not even a social media guy, he barely logs in. Well I must say I've been doing okay so far, but yesterday I caught myself thinking about him a lot. I haven't heard anything about him in months. So I added him back on Skype. He accepted and then asked me why did I deleted him. I was honest and told him why, he seemed cool about it, he said he didn't even noticed. Then I asked him hows life, he asked hows mine, and we chatted a little bit. He went more into details then I did though. Anyways, even though the conversation seemed harmless and enjoyable, I can't help but feeling like I shouldn't have done it, because I was dumped. Like I should've kept my dignity and pride. But then again, why? It's not like I want to get back together with him, he has lost my interest on that note long ago. At least for now, I'm happy the way my life is headed right now. So, what do you guys think? Was it too pathetic of me? What would you think if you were him?


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  • What good can come from initiating contact with your ex if you really don't want to reunite?


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  • You found Closure here, dear, and this is what you Needed and what God Intended.
    Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in your own softie spot here, dear, there may come a time, down the fine line of time, where You... Caught myself thinking about him a lot.
    Even if it is so, that you both just remain friends or just casual friends now, at least you know where you stand with a man that the test of time and 'Together 3 years' has showed you and one never Knows... he may begin to Miss the Kiss and the history you both shared.
    He 'Dumped' you, it's a lot to swallow and trust issues would always play a sad and bad part. However, lessons learned sometimes can be burned if true love is truly there.
    You found out that 'Harmless and enjoyable' may even be a chance for a romance someday, along with nurturing and nursing on Skype, now that you are back in Light and semi sweet touch again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Its OK... because you had feelings for him... you missed him.. contacted him... but don't do it again... because if he wanted to or missed u... he would have contacted you.. which didn't happen... just forget it that this person ever existed... and be happy... if you continue doing this it will look pathetic and needy... like you still love him or something... don't do it girl... tc


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