Is my ex girlfriend hinting?

So my ex and I split up 2 months ago. I tried to get her back but she didn't want to know. She deleted me from her facebook a month ago and we've not spoken since. Recently she added me back on facebook. But also put up a Snapchat story last night. She doesn't normally do that. I looked at it, then noticed she added another one today. I've not looked at the new one though. I've said to her to contact me if she ever changed her mind about us. Is she testing the water so to speak? Sending me hints trying to get my attention? Why would she not contact me directly? What do you think?


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  • It's really hard to tell.

    By adding you she's indicating that she has some type of care left about you.
    However, it would be far fetched for me to think she wants you back based on that alone, and the fact that she's posting snap stories.


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  • What did she post in that story? And besides, do you want to actually get back together with someone who doesn't confront you directly and instead uses 'hints' that you don't even know if they are hints or not?


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