Girls, why would my ex try to keep track of me online?

Like when I'm not on for a night it seems like he'll be on late just to see when I come on and if he doesn't see me on he'll get mad and the next day won't be on at all. It seems like every time I post something he does too sometime after, weather it has a meaning or not, probably for me to notice him.


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  • I think you read too much on his online behavior... perhaps it's just coincidence.

    • I don't think so I been seeing this pattern. Also he'll get on really early or sometime at work to see if I been online.

      He just started doing this.

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    • A month is a long time! Why would he spend so much time secretly following you online? I don't know why you guys broke up, and I don't know him... but could it be that he I does not have courage to reach out and I s just waiting for you to notice and make a first move? Why don't you "disappear" for a while (invisible or something) and see what he does? Maybe he just needs a little push...
      Or simply send him a casual message when he is online...

    • We'll he is very stubborn, prideful and needs a push for everything it seems.

      I always go to him though and it seems like he ignores me sometimes.

      He Even Went As Far As Having one of our mutual friends hang out with me probably just to get information about me for him because it was during a period were we weren't talking.

      We broke up after a stupid fight with me saying some stuff.

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