My ex just wants to be friends but she plays with my head she's even with another guy but am not over her but yet she talks to me like she wants me?

My ex and I have a ton of history and yet she has a guy that has been less time in a relationship and is close with the family which I always wanted to be and tried to make the move to get to know her mother and this guy are in a on and off relationship and when their going through stuff she comes to me and we end up kissing and everything I really love her and yet she tells me that too but it hurts when they work out I mean the only thing I did wrong was that her friend that are enemies right now seduced me after we broke up she took advantage telling me all these shit about her but I didn't know what to do but after a week I cut her off cause I can't be with another girl besides her and yet she only comes with that excuse to being my problem and months pass by we talk and stuff and their was a point when I had to call in quits and just block her out of my life but she doesn't want that and am just here with no help of nobody cause it's hard she's with a guy but when they fight she needs me she was my best friend before this relationship and but I really love her I told her nobody likes going through this bullshit it's like she's torturing me am more than a better person than this guy all around I have a better job and everything and also am the nicest person ever I took her mother to a boat party she had the time of her life I even paid a taxi to take them back safe and sound I just wanna talk to her mother and see what can she do or suggest but I need help people I wanna say something to her that will reconsider everything we had cause I would hate to leave her forever but what wake up call message should I tell her in person cause I can't handle this?


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  • Never allow someone to play Ping-Pong with your heart.
    "People will only treat you the way in which you allow".

    You don't deserve any of that!
    If she really cared for you, she would eliminate this guy from her life and be with you. It wouldn't be a struggle for you to gain her love. She'd show you as clear as day, that you already have it.
    This girl will play you as much as you allow.
    You have to cut her out of your life again.
    This time once and for all!
    When you feel yourself growing weak... just think of all of the hurt she has caused you.
    Understand, that will keep happening if you don't continue to take a stand.
    With time your heart will mend itself.
    If you keep going back... you will opening your wound.
    You have to allow yourself to heal.
    You can handle this!
    You are strong!
    You owe it to yourself to love you, and have your best interest at heart.
    I think she doesn't even deserve an explanation she knows what she did to cause you to go away.
    If you really feel you must,
    then write her a letter or meet up with her in person.
    But let that be the last time!

    Best wishes <3
    You were made to grow and conquer.
    You will get through this.

    • What should I tell her if I decide to meet up I wanna give a last stand cause I don't like leaving quiet out of something so huge

    • Just tell her that what she's been doing is unfair to you, and you're ready to move on with your life.
      Tell her you care for her... but you don't deserve that.
      Walk away with your dignity.
      I know... it may seem hard at the moment. And she may even tell you things that you want to hear (which will cause you to grow weak).
      But look at the facts, she's been exhibiting a certain pattern and she will continue to do so.
      Understand your "fantasy" of what you want with her, is very different from the "reality" she is giving you.
      Keep that in mind.
      Don't fall weak.

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  • cut the chick off, because she's clearly playing with your emotions just for kicks, no one deserves that

  • If two people can remain friends after a breakup they were either never in love or still are. In your case , you are still in love with her. It is impossible to remain in someones life who you still love because it is too painful. It is even more painful to watch someone who used to love you... love someone else.

    Why don't you just pour out your heart to her like you did on your question. Tell her how you feel and what you want. Tell her you find it too painful just being friends.

    If she doesn't want to be more than friend then personally, i would cut ties so you can have the chance to heal and move on

    . Maybe if she knows there's a chance she could lose you forever she may reconsider trying again with you. Sometime it isn't until you lose someone that you start to value the memories with them and appreciate them as a person. 💛 xx

    • If she offers no more than a friendship and plays mind games then personally, i'd cut all ties and give yourself a chance to heal and move on.

  • Try to make it clear to her, that you really want to be with her. Fight for her.


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