What should I do when I've been going out with a boy for ten months and his ex sends him an Christmas card?

he was sorta going out with her for about 3 months and he finished her, then I started going out with him and ten months down the line , his ex's mum sent him an Xmas card and he says its a nice thing to do. what should I do I feel. jealous, angry but maybe I'm paranoid . what if he wants to get back with her ?

can somebody give me an answer.


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  • I think you are wayyyyy over-thinking this. It's his ex's MUM who sent that card...and even if it was the ex herself, you shouldn't feel jealous. Unless the card of course had some suggestive writing or images or something but otherwise, it's normal. Exes are allowed to stay friends, and unless it was a really messy break-up, it's nice that exes stay friends. Relax and don't think too much into this, you definitely don't need to get angry. If you did, he'd probably think that you were trying to be a bit too controlling or whatever and that wouldn't go over well.

    And really, you can't just jump to the conclusion that he wants to get back with her just because his ex's mum sent him a card. Even if HE was the one who initiated the card sending, it would be unreasonable to think of only that.

    Have some trust and confidence in your guy, don't let a trivial little thing like a Christmas card get in between you guys.


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  • some people are like that and send Xmas cards to everyone the interact with that year, but I would be a little supsious if you keep hearing about her.


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  • People send Christmas cards to everyone they know. I wouldn't worry about it. Are they friends? It sounds like you are being irrationally jealous to me. Don't be insecure, remember that he is with YOU. If he wanted to be with her he would be, but he's not.


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