Why wouldn't making an ex jelious with another guy make him come back?

I know people who it worked for and they ended up getting married.


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  • Everyone is different and has different views about peooles behaviours, that is why it works for some people but not others.

    Personally, i would never go back to an ex if he tried to make me jealous. For the simple fact... i would look upon it as playing mind games. Why would i want to get back to guy who was trying to hurt me and play with my emotions, because that is all it is.

    It would push me away. If he wanted me back why would fooling around with another girl prove to me he still cared and wanted to be in my life again. It would have the opposite affect.

    • No I'm talking about a girl making her ex jelious so then they get back together.

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    • It depends on the guy

    • Any tips for the seduction thing?

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  • Because some people know that game all too well, and we think this behavior is childish

    • Fy... it's spelled jealous

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    • Well everyone makes mistakes

    • I know that's what I'm saying so what was your point to that?

  • Because he's moved on and doesn't give a shit about your mind games


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