Ex boyfriend responds to my text immediately?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago. He said he can't do this right now and I believe he is depressed over some other issues in his life right now. We had a very loving relationship and the break up was out of the blue.

I sent him a text wishing him a Merry Christmas and he responded immediately and included smileys. Then today, a week later, I sent him another text saying Happy New Year. Again, he responded immediately. (within 2 minutes)

I am confused as to why he would text back so quickly. Is he being polite or is he possibly interested in reconciling?


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  • I always respond right away but if it's a guy (just a guy friend as I have a boyfriend) I tend to take my time because sometimes it can mean more-- even though they probably aren't even thinking that.

    So with that said maybe he is looking to reconcile? BUT that is up to him I think-- remember, xmas eve and NYE are only like a week apart... If he wants to I think he will contact you about it, that's how it should be. He is the one who broke it off so really it is up to him, if you're interested.. in the meantime though I would really move on! Let things happen when they do, if they do, don't wait for it, continue on as you were!


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  • It could be both.

  • maybe he had his phone on him?


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