How can I break the touch barrier with my boyfriend?

but we keep are relationship secret because he doesn't want everybody to know and I respect that x

ok I know that people are unsure on why we keep it a secret but its between us on what we do. and don't worry everything's going fine I just would like to know how to brake the touch barrier with just me and him knowing


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  • Well, depending on the reason why he doesn't want everyone to know. If it's something because of parental reasons, then that's okay but if it's that he wants to keep a single and available image, then that's not good and you might want to talk to him about that.

    So when you say breaking the touch you mean that even when it's just you two he doesn't seem to get very close? Well, if that's so, just sit a little closer to him when you're watching a movie or whatever, and whisper sweet things into his ear so that he has to lean in to hear. Assuming you guys hold hands, try being the one initiating it and try different hand holding styles. Just before you leave, smile and give him a quick hug or something. Start small and see how he reacts and then go from there.


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  • I think it depends on the reason why he wants to keep it secret...i don't know if it would be worth it if he was just embarrassed because of his social status or something like that...but anyways, you don't have to share pda. I got my boyfriend to make a move by saying something cheesey and cute like I'm so cold..and bat my eyelashes at him...or say something like your hands are really cold and touch them. If he wants to touch yu he will go along with it...but maybe it's too early in the relationship. Don't try to rush things though. It puts stress on the relationship and causes misunderstandings when one moves too fast.

  • If he doesn't want people to know, then you should stay away from him. He's an ass.

    • No he's not an ass, its not that he's ashamed to be with me because he loves me loads but I'm ok with keeping it a secret

    • If he really loves you, he would not care if people knew.

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