How do I stop caring, why would he break it off with me for that reason?

It's been a year since he broke it off with me, I haven't contacted him but he recently got a new girlfriend and I'm constantly in thought and literally drowning in it. :( It upsets me so much! Why is it her? Not me? I'll talk a bit about myself first.. I've never had a boyfriend.. I have a year left to get my bachelors and I'm not ugly to the fact that he should let me go.. 'Dp' And the reason why he broke it off was because I wasn't up for what he was "up for"... And he thought I was too innocent. I constantly wonder how different she is to me.. And what kind of person would let go of someone for that reason...


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  • @gotoyourroom
    ... yeah baby


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  • First off, stop comparing yourself to this other girl. Focus on you, get your bachelors and concentrate on you, if your a Good gal and attractive AND your educated, men will naturally flock to you, don't worry, be happy

    • P. s. if you have heart, and I think ya do, you'll always care to a degree

    • okay that is true.. it just sucks how i care for him a lot.. I would be annoyed if she broke his heart even..
      Thanks for your response. :)

    • Awwwe you certainly due have heart by your comment! I know it's tough when feelings are not reciprocated... If he broke it off with you, deeming you as too 'innocent', then it's possible that he himself, knew deep down, that he wasn't good enough for you, figuring you can do better. (maybe he didn't feel worthy enough, being that you're a quality 'A' type, hence your 'innocence). You feel a sense of rejection which stems from the 'loss' you both endured, thus causing the comparing and contrasting that you find yourself doing. He's most likely made comparisons as well, even if he did initiate the breakup, he's had to mourn the loss too

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