Finally seeing how bad your ex was to you after break up?

How many people here took a break up to finally see that your ex was bad for you and that all your friends were right this whole time?

I think it's human nature to get not see who a person really is when you are caught up with them or how damaging someone is to your life until you've broken up with them.


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  • And here I thought I was the only person too dense to realise that the guys I've dated have been bad news. The first one cheated on me, the next was emotionally and mentally abusive and was ashamed and embarrassed by me, and the most recent threw all of that in my face after his brother chose to break us up because I have plans for my future that I've wanted to do on my own for a year now. But the funny thing is my parents both liked this guy, included him in family dinners and camping trips, etc., and he invited me to meet his family across the country, and three months later I got dumped. Then I find out that most of my friends thought he was tool and too young for me. Kind of ironic really, because all my friends have had issues with the guys I've dated. I've just been a little slow to come to terms with it.

    Gotta love hindsight.


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  • Ya definitely! After my ex broke up with me and after I had gotten over him I looked back on our relationship and he was such an asshole and stupid pothead! He only brought me down and made my self-esteem low. Glad he's gone now.

  • oh yeah they always seem so much worse after the break up, they get bitter because you broke up with them say nasty things. then you look back at the relationship realize they were a green haired dumb ass or boring fat guy, or a cocky asshole, or a ridiculous pot head or arrogant loser

    there I just described almost all my exs


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