Was this a good move? Or was it a get back at you thing?

So me and my girlfriend broke up a couple days ago and she already told me that's she's moving on. So yesterday I posted 2 things up on social media one saying it's funny how some people can twist a heart for days and then rip it out only when you tell them too. After that she told me not to tweet about her and her best friend told me to get over it. So eventually I took the post down and said something more positive like summer was amazing and couldn't ask for a better one but now it's time to move on. Was that post about her twisting my heart and then ripping it out a good idea?


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  • Damn, she seems cold

    • Sorry, that didn't answer your question

    • well she's was ignoring me for the past couple of days and I got her signs of that she wanted to move on (twisting my heart) but she just needed to tell me so that I could move on and then only when I asked her if she's moving on then she said yes (ripping my heart on)

    • Well take her words seriously. No need to drag out the heartache. Look at it as her loss and let go, plenty of fish in the sea. Got bait?

  • Maybe. But move on from the issue.


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