Why do the still have the anger for my ex?

Its been 4 months since my breakup. I have moved with my life and I'm more focused towards my career but whenever someone takes my ex name. I start seeing red and I just go on bad mouthing about him. There is no doubt that I hate him for what he did with me but I want to completely free from this hatred burden as well. Is there any way that I can be free from this anger?

FYI: My ex cheated on me by having physical relationship with a trashy married women and he even dumped me for her or god knows which which girl. And in the end he forwaded me his sex tape with her and even threatned to expose my intimate pics online. But I turned the tables and said that if I ever got to know my pics are leaked I'll visit the cops and show this chat as an evidence that you're blackmailing me. After that I found out that he blocked me from every social media.


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  • Because he fucked you over!


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  • I can completely understand why you're so angry, I'd be the same if I was in that situation. Because of what he did, I'm not surprised you're still angry at all. I guess in time, the anger will eventually fade away.


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