She cut out all contact. Why?

My ex girlfriend and me split up two months ago, following that there was a lot of up and downs over these last two months. Recently though, we had been talking absolutely fine, we mentioned about meeting up and things seemed to be going well. I last spoke to her on Wednesday as she initiated a conversation with me but the next day she completely cut of all contact. I have no idea why at all and am so confused. I can't think of anything that I said to make her do this. I have a chance to see her on Sunday at a running race that I know she is doing as am I. What should i do? Should I try to take her to one side and ask her why she suddenly did this? Why has she done this?
When she last spoke to me she asked what I had done that day and I said that I had been out to lunch with a friend and didn't go in too anymore detail then that. Do you think maybe she read something into that to make her cut off contact like she has?


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  • Maybe she's just trying to get over you. The best way to do that is no contact so she could be doing that.


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