Is this a good idea or is this a little stalkerish?

So me and my girlfriend broke up a couple of days ago and my friend is helping me get through it. So my friend whos in college (so am I) invited me to come with him a his friends who all have girlfriends that are in high school invited me to go to the high schools football game with them. My friend has a plan to get her jealous. The problem is that my ex will be there and logic will be going to high school football game when I could be in college and we just broke up. So i guess what I trying to say is do you think its a good idea to go to this football game when I know for sure that she's going to be there?


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  • why do you wanna make her jealous when you are no more together? i don't get it
    and yea its not a good idea

    • My friend wants to try to make her jealous

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  • No, I don't think you should do that.
    You're solely trying to get a reaction out of her.
    What do you think that would do for you?

    You think that would make her want you back?
    Do you think that would make her come to the realization of what she lost?
    No, it won't.
    She'll just think you are a jerk who moved on the section he had opportunity to.

    I think you should move on.
    Go to College.
    Allow yourself space and room to get over this girl.

  • You are in college, come on focus on your classes not girls

    • Academics first then girls

    • yes. First that.

  • Grow up. You're in college. Act like it.


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