Would you forgive me?!

i was dating this guy for about 3 months. everything was fine and we began to like each other. my ex boyfriend started texting and calling me again. like an idiot I went back to him. so me and my ex were back together for about 3 months but I didn't want to be with him anymore cause I couldn't stop thinking about the other guy I was dating. so I broke it off with my ex. and explained to the guy I was dating how I felt and that I regretted my decision and I would love it if him and I could start over. he was so cold, saying things like I had my chance with him, etc. but in the end didn't really give me a direct decision.

do you think I deserve a second chance? I mean come on I think everyone does! girls/guys have you ever been in this situation? do you think he just needs some time to think about it? I would appreciate any advice! thanks!
Would you forgive me?!
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