Cheater broke my heart? I need opingions on this situation?

I was with a guy for almost three years, he moved out of state for work later I found out he was cheating and moved in with a bitch he has been constantly sending me emails from his page he swore up and down she was lying and trying to ruin our relationship. Tonight this stupid b***** was dumb enough to give me her number. I was hurt from just thinking about how he had done me but tonight I found out how karma does exist and how GOD does handle those who do you wrong. He didn't want to say anything when she kept saying say something because he wanted to work things out (not going to happen). He was talking to her like shit, how he was going to slap the shit outta her for what she done. He would have never talked to me like that. I was thrown back because I never experienced that from him. I know he's miserable and she's going to get hers too. I hope he whoops her ass. They have taken me threw a lot


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  • Now it is time for you to completely cut him off, ignore his existence, and allow guilt to eat away at him. He wronged you and he knows it. Anyone with common sense can see that. Sooner or later, guilt will begin to leech off of his collective happiness and self-pride. If he is any man worth desiring, his self-pride will plummet realizing the immense heartache he has caused you. His own thoughts will lead him to regret... regretting ever meeting her, touching her, not having more self-control, and most of all... losing you. He will slowly but surely beat himself up and daydream about how he could have done things differently. The intricate memories of your personality will grip him tightly. But first... you must exile him from your life. Become completely absent and inaccessible. Be completely out of reach for those cold, lonely nights and tough days where a simple piece of azz isn't nearly enough to life sweeter. Delete and block him from every single form of contact and if he tries to reach out, straight up ignore him and let him grovel at your feet like an unnutured puppy.

    Cheating tends to be like an impulsive, fun, adventure until the cheater realizes they've stepped into quicksand where they become consumed by their sleazy mess with no quick or easy way out. Walk away from this mess. Stop breathing in their toxicity. Let them remain tangled in this BS they call a romance while you heal and learn to fall in love with life.

    • Thank you so much for your reply, you just give me so much hope, now I can officially move on knowing he's miserable and she's getting treated like shit getting her ass beat

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    • @Asker Let me know how you're doing in a week :)

    • I will, I keep thinking about things but I have classes to occupy my time but it still hurts to think about things

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  • "He was talking to her like shit, how he was going to slap the shit outta her for what she done."

    Don't fall for what he is trying to do here.
    He's pulling the victim role... and passing all of the blame on to this woman.
    He should be accountable for his OWN actions. He didn't have to sleep with her. By reacting the way he is, he is trying to divert all of the attention off of himself on to her.

    Lets make her look like the bad guy.
    How dare she come in between our wonderful relationship?
    What a nasty whore!
    All of your anger will also be directed at this girl who "came in between your relationship" as well.

    The fact of the matter is,
    He's a cheater!
    If he didn't choose her, he would have chose another.
    He cannot be trusted.

    You seem like a wonderful girl who has a lot to offer someone.
    You deserve someone who loves and does not betray you.
    I think you should end it, and not fall into this web.
    He will do it again.
    He's not genuinely sorry because he's trying to pass the blame onto someone else.

    You deserve better.
    I hope you see that.

    Best wishes <3


    • the fact of the matter is she took it upon herself o harass me so as far as I'm concerned the bitch is getting what she deserves and I'm glad about it. I still am not with him but after all the hit this bitch done she erves it and he deserves to suffer

    • I blame both parties, because he should of never let this happen, and the fact that she had the balls to constantly talk shit in my emails, she's getting what she deserves and he is too because he's going tofeel what life is like without me (a huge loss and I know he knows that)

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