Does this ex want nothing or something?

Me and my ex have been broken up a few months now, during this time we've met up and been out together, had continuous contact for a month. He then said he couldn't be back in this relationship right now. I said ok, we didn't speak for 2weeks in which case i asked him could we take a month, no contact and then see where we're at, because i can't continue speaking to you if its not leading anywhere, its only prolonging the misery of this - his response was he wasn't totally sure and didn't want to put thoughts into my head, he doesn't know. So i responded with 'that's fine no more contact'.

1 month later i receive a text asking me how I was and he hopes I'm alright, to which i responded with i was doing just fine. I then received a phone call from him later that day, he said that he had thought/been thinking about me a lot, had i thought about him? he still finds the fact that we have broken up really hard (he broke up with me) he was calling cause he wanted to speak to me, he feels he's hit reality now. The phone call ended, for the next 3 days the same pattern of a text and a phone call continued (initiated by him) on the 4th day, i heard nothing, so i phoned him causally to 'see how he was' he was quite distant on the phone, this confused me, as the days he had called me he wanted long conversations and it appeared when i phone him he didn't want to talk. So i just came out with it and asked why he had called me in the first place - he said he just wanted 'someone' to talk to. I said well you can't phone me for 3 days, tell me you have thought about me a lot because that isn't fair, if you want nothing from this, he said he is going to think about me I'm his ex, but he didn't want anything else from the conversation other than to speak to someone.

So i told him he has to let me move on now, he has, so now let me do the same. He got extremely angry at me, blocked me. Can someone tell me what he wanted? is he confused?
Does anyone else have any advice for me?


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  • He's just using you as convenience. He left you and is happy with his decision but does get lonely so he calls you when he's down. You have emotions too; take care of them.

    • Thankyou, I'd agree with you. I appreciate the advice

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  • Seems like he doesn't want to be with you (he broke up with you after all) but at the same time he has felt lonely. Hence wanting to talk without it leading to anything. This doesn't seem to be going anywhere so just block him back. If he somehow manages to contact you again in the future, simply don't respond (even if it's hard). This guy is just leading you on and giving you false hope because he's feeling lonely. That's not right. Try to stay strong now and cut him out completely, no good can come from this. A break up is supposed to be permanent, not just a temporary solution to a rough patch.

    • Thankyou, i appreciate the response. I agree with you too, and thats why i finally had to ask him to let me move on, as since the break up it doesn't really feel like we broke up, as he initiated and remained in contact with me, everyday. I agree it should be a permanent solution, we was going through a very big rough patch, as he I had been lying to me and we kept arguing over it, so i think this was his solution, but possibly torn between keeping it permanent and not.

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    • it wasn't fair*

    • Yeah, a guy like that is not worth it. If he ends up contacting you again, stand your ground and ignore him. There's no point in trying to explain yourself or get him to realize why this won't work out, it's only a waste of time and he'll most likely just get mad at you again.

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  • He is very confused but he needs to take your feelings into consideration. Even if you guys got back together he has to consider you. He isn't. Right now he is only thinking about himself and in turn giving you mixed signals. I would give myself some time, the next time he contacts you be assertive (not mean) just tell him what you need and want and if he can't do that then there won't be any communication until you are ready!

    • Thank you for your opinion, I agree he seems very confused, well I tried that last time and I said that he wasn't being very considerate and cannot contact me if he wants nothing more from it, but he got extremely angry at me, so I couldn't be much nicer than that, but he has blocked my number, he got angry and has blocked me? Which has no unsettled me as I wouldn't want to hurt him, but I don't think I did, I was just thinking of myself for once?

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