Have you ever had a break-up that seemed to make you lose a part of yourself forever?

Did you ever date or like someone, but then when it was over you seemed to not be able to completely just refresh back to the person you were before your feelings for them? Did something in you change forever? For me, it was my humor. I was a real comedian before a break-up and now, not as much... so what about you's?


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  • Yes, I felt like a lost a bit of what inspired me to chase after goals and be spontaneous and travel. Its not something I could ever change back to, its a matter of adapting.


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  • Yes I did. The weekend we broke up, I didn't sleep more than a couple hours a night. I lost my appetite completely and only ate a few pretzels throughout the day. I was an absolute zombie, going through the day feeling numb and lifeless. The quote from The Hunger Games quote came to mind: "She almost stopped living when he died." My ex wasn't dead, but I did stop living.

    That feeling continued for 6 months and I had actually begun to lose hope that I would ever be happy again. Melodramatic, I know, but I just knew that even if I could manage to fall in love again, it would never compare to how I felt about this boy. Like you, I was a different person after the breakup.

    Luckily, he came back to me. We've now been back together for just over a year and we live together.


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  • My heart was lost along with my feelings

    • For how long?

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    • So did i...

      Years ago when i was 15...


    • Group of unlucky love

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  • Yes this happened me with my ex-boyfriend. I'd never been so hurt in my life. I felt so dead on the inside for so long. I'm definitely not the same person I was before I was with him. I feel like I lost my ability to trust, not just boys, but like everyone :/

  • Yes. This has happened to me. I guess you have to be sure about yourself and know your worth. If your self esteem isn't strong enough, people can easily eat away at your character. I used to have such an amazing personality and I was a good girlfriend but all that got put to waste. I try fight for who I am. I think a lot of men want you to lose who you are because they have jealousy issues.


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