How do I help her and bring her back?

We have been dating for 3 years and I love her more than anything in this world. Its a LDR , but I have made frequent trips to visit her to keep our relationship fresh. We are nearly perfect with each other and of course we fight up until today..

She broke up with me suggesting the distance , she isn't happy with herself, she's still feeling guilty because of infidelity (which I forgave her and i nearly forgot it happened), etc.

She claims she still loves me and always will but doesn't think she could be in relationship with me, so what can I do? I just want to make her happy..


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  • I had been in a 3 year LDR too so I can totally understand how you're feeling, especially because of the fact he ended things between us. He told me he still loves me but just didn't want to be in a relationship because of the distance. It sucks.

    I can only suggest you give her some space. Not only will it benefit her for some time (she might start missing you, who knows?), it will most likely help you too. That's what I'm doing and although it's hard, I'm beginning to do stuff like regain my appetite slowly but surely.

    When the time is right, possibly talk to her. That's if you wish. After all, no one can seriously tell you what to do but yourself. I don't know if you want to get back with her or try and become friends. If you wish, ask her straight up how you can make her happy and if that means having to leave her alone, then I can only assume you'll accept her wishes (if worse comes to worse...)

    I wish you luck and tell us how it goes!

    • I would love the idea of us staying together. But I'll never push her to decisions, I just want her to know she has my full support whatever she chooses to do.

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  • go surprise her!! win her over 100000%


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  • I'm afraid she may not be all that into you. She cheated on you, you are the one traveling to see her (has she reciprocated?), she broke up with you, and she doesn't think she could be in a relationship with you. I'm sorry but you can't make her heart feel something that's not there.


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