When is it alright to contact my ex?

This is a question for all of you men out there...

I feel you may be able to answer my question better if you know our history, so here it goes.

We broke up 6 weeks ago. His reason for breaking it off was he thought I was too young for him. He went on to say that I should have more life experiences before I settle down. He said he did not feel that he could commit to me because I am still in college and need my time to have fun. [Note: He was 14 years older than me, I am 20. I will have my RN next May. He already has his degree and is established in his career.] I was never uncomfortable with the age difference. I wanted to date someone older because I felt I was ready for a long term commitment. However, I feel these were excuses for him to break it off because we dated for 15 months. If he was really uncomfortable because we were "in different stages of our lives" he should have ended it much sooner than he did. I reluctantly agreed that I should slow things down while I am young. I guess he thought it would be easier if the break up was "mutual". He went on to say that he believed everything happened for a reason and maybe a year or two down the road, we could try again. He said he would keep in touch. The first two weeks after the break up he kept checking up on me via texts. During this time I insisted I was fine because I needed my space. I kept my replies brief & up-beat. A few more weeks went by and I did not hear anything from him, so I decided to check in. He said he was doing well, and was glad to hear from me. However, he kept his replies brief and acted like he was distracted. Now it has been 4 weeks and I have not heard anything. Honestly I am bummed because I thought he would at least send one text over the holidays. Nothing. Now I would like to contact him, but am not sure if it would be the right thing to do. I am also upset with myself that I didn't fight harder when he was trying to break it off. I was trying to maintain my dignity and be agreeable. Any advice?
When is it alright to contact my ex?
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