I think my ex has moved onto someone else after such a short time since our break up. Or am I just being paranoid?

My recent ex ended our 3 year long relationship about 2 weeks ago. I have a feeling that he already has his eye on someone else and is taking things slow with her for a while until they can call it offical. He told me that no one can get over a relationship after a few days. He told me that he still loved and cared for me, but I don't feel like that's the case anymore...


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  • If he does its a rebound thing and won't last

    • Our relationship was "long distance" (2 hours by train is doable, but he didn't see it that way). I think I know who she is (not personally) and she lives in his area. I've heard about the rebound relationship, but then again I've heard people saying they've actually lasted longer in them than their previous one.

      As if the break up wasn't enough, I have this going through my mind constantly. I'd really like to know so that I could grieve properly and have closure to everything and work on myself. Though on the other hand I just want to believe that it's all in my head and that he still thinks about me and could see us getting back together.

      I also don't really have anyone to talk to about this situation, so all my emotions are just building and building up on top of one another, so much so, I've lost my appetite for about a week straight and I'm convinced I'm starting to loose weight. Just the sight of food makes me want to throw up.

      I don't want to be this person anymore.

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    • I personally don't think he was seeing us both.

      I don't know how you will see this, but I would tag him in my status' on Facebook whenever we went out somewhere in particular, for example when we were in abu dhabi, I would tag him at the waterpark, ferarri world. When we went to the fringe recently. None of these he had deleted off of his page. His friends knew about me, heck, they would even ask how I was doing. If he was dating us both at the same time, I would prey to God she would have told me and felt bad for it.

      Plus I don't think she looks like the type of person who would do such a thing (though I could be wrong).

    • The reality is since he broke up with you he's free to do what he wants. I'm sorry but that is the cold hard fact. It'll take some months to grieve but I encourage you to not give into the temptation to contact him. If you do in any way it'll just prolong the grieving process

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  • What would you give the impression that he was pursuing someone else?

    If he is doing that , then clearly he contradicted his previous statement. Someone moving on that fast is possible , but that's only if they never loved you in the first place.

    Whether he really did or not ,
    Shouldn't matter much now.
    Whether he moves on fast or slow he's still going to be with someone else eventually.
    I think you should try to work on yourself and moving forward with your own life.
    looking back at the past isn't beneficial.
    Looking towards the present and future is.


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