Need someone to talk too. may sound a bit stupid but jus wanna talk to someone who don't no me?

My sister and brother in law have split up after being together 15 years and having to kids and have been married for 2 years. He is recently seeing someone else and before I met her I didn't like her she told him that if my sis and him got back together she would do anything to split them up. I heard her talking to him on the phone one day on about him getting a flat blah blah and I just feel like she's rushing him to move out of my house and that she's controlling and I don't wanna lose him he's been in my life since I was 12 I'm now 22 and he's been like a big brother to me


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  • Since they've split up he's free to do what he wants and if he makes bad decisions then he's the one that'll have to pay. This sounds like a rebound and if so probably won't last anyway. I've noticed that a lot of women are very quick to snatch up men that have just gotten out of a long term relationship. I guess they think it'll be long term for her too

    • I get what your saying thanks I'm just afraid that if they end up in a long time relationship we may never see him wen he leaves here and I just feel like I've lost enough people in my life and I just don't wanna lose him because he's my brother he may not be blood but I love him like a Bro xx

    • There's really not much you can do but tell him you think he making a huge mistake and make him promise that he'll always stay in contact with you. I'm suspicious of you. Do you have a crush on him? If it were my sister he broke up with I wouldn't have anything to do with him

    • No i don't they broke up on good terms and he lives with us. He's still family to me and he still treats us has family we've done more for him since he was 18 than his mam and step dad have in his whole life. Plus she wants him away from my sister and there's no way it's gonna happen they have two kids together so she is always gonna be in is life

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