Either u hate me or u don't?

Ok I've been posting on this a couple of times so i have another question. The other day we got into a long (8 hours) heated exchange about us as far as her viewing and my viewing as far as the kids. It got 2 the point where she started saying things that to me r crossing the line. I can understand name calling and everything but when u tell someone that u wish they were dead and that they hate u. That's crossing the line to b that cruel to someone that loves u still and u used 2 love that just isn't right. We have been in limited contact since the break up but ever since that exchange we have literally been no contact for almost a week. I've talked 2 my northern through the break up and he texted her explaining what he's seeing from me and that I'm raising the kids alone because she doesn't want 2 help me and she wants 2 continue her life without responsibility. She replies 2 him saying he's raising them himself because he doesn't want 2 share them. He replies that i told him that she hates me and she replies yea i said i hated him because of how he is being. So he told her that how could u tell someone that if that really and deeply love and care about u then he asks her in all honesty do u hate him. She replies no but i hate what he's doing.. she's upset at me because i have the kids in a safe and controlled environment with a structure that they are accustomed to and in my opinion not bringing them around anyone that they should b. She wants 2 being them around her boyfriend that's a felon and a "previous drug addict" i told her she can come and see the kids anytime she wants but first for their safety i want u 2 take a drug test because i fear that she might b using drugs now. She claimed she had nothing 2 hide but yet she hasn't come 2 see the kids hasn't attempted 2 call or text since i made that statement. My thing is if u say u hate me but u actually don't mean it then y say it at all? If u hate me then hate me but don't say it 2 get a reaction out of me.


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  • It was too long for me to read but I just recommend not giving a shit if people hate you lol plenty of people hate and say dumb shit so don't let them get under your skin

    • Yea with a general person that can happen but this is the mother of my children so i have 2 get along with her or make things work because we're gonna b in each other's lives for a long time

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