Did anyone get back together with an ex on here?


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  • I want to get back with my ex as well, and as much as I hear people telling me "they're an ex for a reason" or "why would you do such a thing?" or "move on, simple", but ultimately it's my decision. I'll only have me to fault if I get hurt again, but if I don't try, I'll never know.

    Let me tell you what I'm doing.

    When the break up happened, I did the worst thing by begging him back and I believe it just pushed him further away. I'm giving him time to himself right now, but also so I can figure things out myself as well.

    He always told me about a movie to watch and I always refused to do so. Maybe watching it will be a bad idea, but now I want to know what all the fuss was about it being a good movie. When I have, I'm going to simply initiate conversation and tell him "hey, I finally saw that movie you always told me to watch, it was great!" (I don't know if it's going to be good, it could be crap for all I know).

    I'm not entirely sure what his reply will be, I may get back in touch to tell you, but telling them something reminded you of them could trigger a good response, then maybe try reminiscing about a good memory you two had together.

    To be honest, every individual is different. I may not get the same good response as you do, or vise versa. Depending upon how long ago you guys have been broken up, or the reason for the split and also who done the splitting is vital. Think about it, you might realize that it's not the right thing to do for yourself.

    • It is I know it is. So what should I say? I'm nervous.
      How long hAve you two been broken up for?

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    • That's like what happened to me and my ex.

      How long have you guys been broken up for?

    • A year
      You guys?
      Why does that matter?

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  • I have. Usually though I find that you and your ex broke up for a reason.

    • Okay how did you go about getting back together with him?

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    • Move on to someone better or to being a happy single. He will come running. Once you find true love or happiness they always do.

    • Okay well I want him though.

  • Yep. One of my worst ideas ever.

    • How did you get back together with him?

  • I have a lot.

    • Okay how did you go about getting back together with him?

    • They always come back. I just say yes.

    • How long did it take him to come back?

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