Am I wasting my time on him?

My boyfriend broke up with my last week, it first started off with him saying it's over everytime he was drunk just to see if I cared. Then over the weekend he finally said it whilst drunk and changed his status to single after I just responded with "ok then". I'm really hurting and he apologised for breaking it off the way he did, he said what if I still want to work things out and so we met up and had a talk and he said he only asked that to see where I was at, not 100% meaning that he wanted too. After we talked I was so hurt that I asked if I could come back to his, so I went and we just hungout and he said maybe we can work things out, he's just not 100% if he wants too.. He wasn't happy in the relationship anymore but the thing is there were things in the relationship I wasn't happy with either, but I still stuck by him, he didn't take any responsibility for his own actions and it made me feel like I was just the one to blame.

He ended up saying that he wants to work things out but that he wants to stay single for now, he doesn't want to get back into a relationship with me again just yet just in case things don't work out. He was like gosh we could end up being back in a relationship next week. But I just feel like he's telling me what I want to hear, that I'm just being strung along. When I was crying he was being really cruel and saying " love isn't everything, it's not the end of the world if you don't have someone in your life." I had a right to be upset and felt as if he wasn't been considerate of my feelings. He said he wasn't going to be with anyone else but how am I meant to know that? He's going out to a nightclub tomorrow night and I don't know how I'm going to cope knowing how drunk he will be. I know I guess I can't be mad if he does something but it will still hurt. I suffer from depression as well so this break up is just made me feel so much more down, I feel like I'm not enough for anyone. I don't know what to do, whether to just see where things go with him or try move on. I haven't contacted him since and was going to see if he contacts me..


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  • I understand exactly where your coming from and I don't think it's a waste of time as long as you are truly seeking the truth and want what's best for yourself. Do this for yourself but accept what you learn and be prepared to face the responsibility of your actions. As long as you do that you will do just fine. I could say many things about his behavior but know that he is obviously very confused and doesn't actually know what he wants. He needs to make a decision, or be caught forever in this cycle.


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  • The answer is really easy.

    Quit talking to him, for good. Don't talk to him at all for any reason. You are broke up, leave it that way. It's not fair to you to keep stringing things along in hopes of one day maybe.

    Move on with your life, it'll be a bit painful at first but it'll get over with quicker and with a lot less drama and confusion than what he is doing.

  • You are far too kind for this and I wish I could have dated someone like you. You need some support be it parents siblings or even friends. Count your blessings this guy could have easily been able to stay in your life longer and screw everything over worse. Deep breaths, and it is just fine to have a pity party if needed.


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