Breaking up and talking to someone, or stay with the person you're with?

So I've talked to this girl I met on a family vacation back in 4th grade and have been talking about seeing each other again for almost 3 1/2 years and finally getting to see her this winter most likely: sophomore. Then I'm with this girl I've only been seeing for about maybe 2 months:senior. They're both super nice, I have no clue what to do. I'm a junior. Someone text me on what to do because I'm so stuck. 6-4-800-1513
  • Stay with Senior and have a good high school relationship
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  • Go with sophomore and have a life after high school hopefully
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But the question is, is I where to break up with the senior how would I do it and when since I don't know if I'll be seeing the sophomore for sure


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  • Eh, stay with the senior. I mean, not to put a damper on thing, but it's likely that you won't stay in a relationship with either of them after high school. I would just have a little fun for right now. If you want to break up with the senior then just ask her if you guys could talk and tell her that you just don't see it going anywhere and think it's best to part ways. I think you should break up with her now. It's not fair to only keep dating her just because you don't get to see the sophomore and it's not fair to keep dating her while waiting for another girl to come. She doesn't deserve that. Be a gentleman, not a jerk.

  • Stay with Senior and have a good high school relationship

    • But then how do I let the other girl know that I'm not interested any more if that's what I decide to do

    • If you have a girlfriend you shouldn't be letting other girls know you're interested

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