My girlfriend broke up with me?

We had a strong, very strong, connection. We haven't dated that long. But I feel like she was there my entire life.
She broke up with me because it's an LDR and because of our parents.
I tried to get her back. Why... I don't know what to do. My heart is hurting so much. I lost the only girl I've ever loved over something stupid.

Why is this hurting so much? What can I do to make this pain stop? I miss her so much. I miss her laugh and I miss her voice the most.

I'm not going to kill myself or shoot people.

Can I get advice from people who have lost the one person they loved and still love.


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  • Ldr is tough , just say to urself that u should move on with ur life u seem to be a good guy and hapinness is not only having her in ur life look around u u will see many things that makes u happy besides her and i beleive that God will give u a better girl that u will fall in love with cuz everything happens for a reason have no regrets :) i know its tough but u just have to work hard to move on she may seem like the perfect girl to u now and u miss her but its cuz u love her with time everything will get better BETTER DAYS ARE COMING ♡ haha cheer up if u need to talk message me

    • huhhhh i doubt it XD you don't know how long it took to find one girl... and one girl who actually loved me for who i am. I doubt a second girl like her will pop up someplace.

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    • i don't even understand why she broke up with me... things were going fine one second and then literally the next she is like "lets break up... no joking this time. i'm serious".
      Literally out of nowhere... so i didn't get a chance to think about it, it was just over cold turkey.

    • Beleive me having no experience in relationships is not a problem , my boyfriend is 25 and he has no experience still i do love him a lot , guess u will find ur girl too why are u afraid of waiting? If smth is supposed to happen it will happen so if u r destinated to meet ur woman someday u will no matter how long u will wait so dont worry , i see things like that tbh
      about what she did i know its tough but what can u do? It already happened allu can do now is to endure the pain and beleive me with time u will get over it ^^

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  • brother trust me left her leave her don't force her really she get more annoyed form you really don't message her more and more personally don't do anything just keep kam and do your work after some days it get wanish from your heart do trust me if she want that thing so please except her don't do so much for her now and stop messaging her


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  • Allow time to heal.

    This is part of just enduring. You will need to muster up the patience to allow healing to commence. There isn't any substitute for just waiting. Time requires one thing; that you allow it to pass. Getting past emotional pain requires a grieving process, which takes time.

    Good luck.

    • yeah I guess so. tbh i'm not sad that much. I'm more sad that the person I loved won't be say she loves me back or i won't be able to hear her cute giggle anymore. that's what hurts me the most.

  • Hi hun, feeling for you... It hurts.

    what was the issue with parents?

    • I don't even know. She says she doesn't think she my perfect girl. That I deserve someone better. I told her she is the only one I ever want and need.

      I think the parents... Well tbh I think she thought my parents won't like her and accept her.

    • these all sound like terrible excuses...

      either she is trying to get you to tell her you love her and run after her or she doesn't want to be with you and is making poor excuses. I would say to try and move on. Yes you can love again... I fell in love with a guy when I Was a teenager and I loved him for a long time... however I met another guy and we were happy and then I married a different guy. We split and then I am now living with someone else. You will be ok x

  • You move on trust me.

    • and after a while of getting your feelings hurt over and over you might hide under a shell and feel scare to trust again.

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  • Don't worry about it. If you live your life then you will eventually get over her after a lot of time.


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