Why did he cut me out when he cheated himself?

I was dating this guy, supposed to be exclusively for 7 months long distance. It started out great seeing each other every other weekend. The past 2 months he started making excuses not to see me yet id see he'd been out with this girl who also posted dating things with him but lived 2 hours from him. I'd ask and he'd get angry saying they were just friends. We got back to normal talking yet she was saying how she's wearing his clothes etc which i found weird so i messaged her. Next thing he's blocked me on everything without explaining. she's put she's in a complicated relationship yet still posting him in lovey stuff. Will he ever come back to give me the answers why? Why did he pick her after knowing her 3 months. I know i was extremely paranoid but given the situation it clearly was a reason to be. I was the one travelling the 200 odd miles to see him. I bought him whatever he needed. We talked daily. He even said the day before how he missed me and im beautiful to him etc so just can't understand it
By this im aware its over. I just want to know why he did it like that after how he was the day before? And since he blocked me will i ever get the chance to get them answers


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  • You were the only one putting an effort into this relationship. After all, you were the one who went to see him and you actually bought things for him? I’m sorry to tell you, but I think he was only using you. Be it for materialistic or sexual reasons. When you confronted the other girl, she probably complained to him and the leach panicked and told her some pathetic excuse, like you’re his stalking ex-girlfriend. He probably blocked you to convince ‘his girl’ that he wasn’t lying and to escape your questions. If I would be in your place, I would send the girl a message, telling her my version of the story, how much I had dedicated to this relationship ( I would exaggerate things a little too), and ending it with a “I hope he won’t do this to you as well” just to panic her and make her feel uneasy, in case she knew all about this. But I’m a little bit vengeful, so… But ultimately, you should forget that bastard and stay away from him. He does not deserve you.

    • Yeh i did message her back as she didn't have the balls to say anything to me so i told her i hope that he doesn't treat her like he treated me so she's blocked me now aswell. And haven't really got a choice since he's blocked me on everything for her. Ironic since she's doing the same degree as me, likes similar music and also lives a few hours from him.

    • Well the two of them deserve each other then. The leach and the coward. Don’t even bother thinking about him, because it’s just a waste of time and energy.

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  • He was probably just more physically attracted to her and who knows maybe emotionally too. How he ended it with you was a dick way of doing it just ignore him don't give him anymore attention.

  • Yeah, he's dumped you. I'm sorry

    • Yeh i figured that, but i mean id like to know what she's got that i havent? Like how long was it going on :/

    • What she has that you don't is easy access

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  • I try hard not to swear in life, but I am going to make an exception here, as I can not find words that describe this douchebag:

    What a total F'ing knob and coward!

    Dump him, forget about him, block him, never go within a thousand miles of him and don't give him a second chance.

    Find yourself someone who really cares about you, someone you can see on a daily basis, this guy is using you/has used you and does not have the balls to face you.

    Just remember, none of this is your fault, you will look back on this in a few years and go, "Phew, that was close"

    PS sorry about language, but he really got all my heckles up

  • Maybe he didn't like you. That's usually why people cheat on you and then take you out of their life.

  • Move on best advice I can give you


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