Did any of your exes changed in a good way making you consider getting back in touch/together with them?

It can be years after breakup.

For me, all of my exes stayed exactly the same they were while we were together, and that's a reason I never considered getting back together because the reasons we broke up are still there. I know this because I stayed friends with most of them.

How about your exes? Are they still the same? If you don't know, do you ever wonder?


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  • Mine hasn't changed either. My ex left me for someone else , i was devastaed. All i could think of was how he didn't treat me so well and how he would be treating her great. I suppose i was a little jealous and felt worthless , because it appeared he had changed when he was with her.

    I was so wrong! He put on his good side when he was first with her , but over time he treated her exactly how he treated me. In the end she left him for someone else.

    I think it is easier for a person to change their lifestyle than to change who they are as a person. It's rare people change


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  • No a lot have changed but I wouldn't get back with them because we didn't work for a reason. I have one who never wanted kids but knocked someone up and seems like a great dad!!

  • No. I don't keep in touch with them and I don't know or care if they changed


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