Guys, Its done and over, why ask me to be his friend?

We had a big argument and ended it. He has a lot going on so we haven't spoken in a week. I really liked this guy and its hard for me to get over it, but after not speaking for days he sends me a message saying he doesn't want a relationship right now but that he wants to be friends and talk. If we had ended it and haven't talked in awhile why randomly send me a message saying he wants to be friends?
Whats the point if he knows how much i loved him.


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  • Cause he feels as though its not fair to say you both have to forget what's happened

    • Its just hard for me to talk as friends.

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    • But i know there will never be anything between us again which hurts, i dont see the point in being friends, he was the first guy i actually let myself love.

    • He's probably caught on to the fact you have a crush on him and he's probably questioning whether to let you in...

  • Depends.. it could be that he wants to be with you but is conflicted because of your chemistry or because he wants to keep you on the hook to use for sex or support later.

    • Yea I don't know he doesn't get much physically. We were a long distance couple.

    • We haven't spoken until yesterday he got mad b/c i posted a picture of my marine friend. I told him it was just a friend and i didn't post anything to make him mad. He responded by saying he wasn't mad but that he would rather see pictures of me, after tht he didn't text me again at all.

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